Girls Softball Aims for Stronger Season

By Kenny Isufi ‘15 Ames Bartels ‘15
Beginning with Madison High School on March 18, Hornets Softball hopes for a better season after winning a disappointing four out of fourteen games last year.
At 4-10, the Hornets finished second to last in their division, missing the playoffs. The team lost eight straight games after winning their first game by forfeit, according to PSAL statistics. They have eight home games this year in Marine Park, and play rivals Fort Hamilton, New Utrecht, James Madison and Lincoln High Schools in division match ups twice this year, and a big home opener against Telecommunications High School earlier in March.
With a disappointing season last year, the Hornets look to bounce back in the Brooklyn A division.
“I have a good feeling about this year and I think we can be very successful,” said Melissa Piccione ‘15, “We have a lot of new, fresh talent including two pitchers. In the past pitching was one of the weaker parts of our team.”
The players and coaches deal with the elements on a regular basis.
“Unfortunately the weather has hindered our normal preseason practices,” said Coach Jennifer Ferrarin. “Our field has been under ice and is still a bit mushy.”
Coaching is key to a team’s success. The team participates in situational drills including ground ball drills and other defensive plays, as well as batting practice.
“We have tried to just get everyone as many grounders and popups as possible,” said Coach Ferrarin. “Hitting is hard in the cold, but every other practice we try to get a bat in their hands. We have a scrimmage set to help us practice in real game situations.”
Although playing at a competitive level in a demanding sport is necessary, schoolwork always comes first. Often coaches emphasize the importance of academics. With practices during the season lasting for hours a day, players look to manage their time.
“I have much less time to complete homework and study due to practice and games,” said Piccione. “It makes me more focused when I’m doing school work because I know I don’t have time to procrastinate.”
Whether a returning player or a freshman, all of the girls on the Varsity Softball team have one goal, winning games and success.
”We have many new faces but I think we have a great mix of kids, all bringing something positive to the team,” said Coach Ferrarin. “I’m looking forward to this season and think we can go further then last season.”

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