Film Club Brings Unforgettable Experiences

By Christopher Ramos ‘15 and Javlon Xaydarov ‘15
Film buffs unite every week to watch and discuss movies at the Film Club. They meet every Wednesday after 9th period in room 216.
The Film Club was created in 1995 by Dr. Hero. Dr. Hero supervises the meetings which, along with its members, are attended by Mr. Arnold Eisenberg, a retired English teacher, who volunteers in the club.
Since its inception, the Film Club has been a place where students fascinated by movies could enjoy themselves.
“I joined the club because I have always enjoyed movies,” said Amanda Varvak ‘15 a member of the club. “The Film Club seemed like a good place to appreciate them with others.”
In a typical meeting, the members might watch trailers of the movie that will be watched, watch the movie itself, then discuss different aspects of the movie that make it special. Depending on the movie, these discussions could focus on interactions in the movie from a psychological point of view, acting techniques, camera work, and other thinks that you might not think about after watching a movie.
The movies that are viewed are ones that members of the club consider to be high quality. Movies such as Scarface, Shutter Island, and Psycho have been watched in the past. The focus of discussion for the movie, Psycho, the most recently chosen film, was the psychology involved in it. With the exception of some recent releases, the club often watches classical movies. This is because, in the opinion of many members, the quality is better than more recent releases.
“In my opinion, classical movies were made better than current movies are,” said Kevin Zaverniaiv ‘15, a member of the club. “The makers of the classics were the pioneers of film aking,
so they knew what they were doing.”
This leads to the question: “What makes a movie good?” According to Dr. Hero, he takes many things into consideration when reviewing a movie. Important aspects that he considers include the effectiveness of the sound track, originality of the plot, and ability of the movie to communicate to the audience. Regarding the sound track, a good film should have music that enhances it, not music that distracts the audience. Regarding the ability to communicate to the audience, the film should convey a message, evoke emotion, and/or make you think.
“Silent films are brilliant because the good ones are able to do all of these things, with the limitation of not having sound,” said Dr. Hero.
The Film Club does more than just have meetings and watch movies; there are many other opportunities for fun activities. One such activity is a trip to the Museum of the Moving Image. According to the museum’s website, it strives to “advance the public understanding and appreciation of the art, history, technique, and technology of film, television, and digital media,” which is fitting because it is a similar mission to that of the Film Club. A memorable moment of a past trip to this museum was when the club watched a film with live music. Dr. Hero explained that live orchestras and other charms of classic films are what make them special.
Dr. Hero loves movies so much that he describes his relationship with them as a “love affair.”
Sometimes, the Film Club receives passes to go to pre-release movie screenings. At these screenings reactions are recorded, and opinions about the movie are gathered to see if the film will be well-received. It is just another way the film club can experience and appreciate movies and what goes into them.

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