Boys Tennis Off to a Rough Start

By Johnny Warn’15 and Billy Chen’15
After a 1-9 season due to poor weather conditions and injuries last year, the boy’s tennis team is looking to redeem themselves this season by making the cut. These factors limit the amount of practice the boys were able to carry out. However, the team is looking forward to a better season this year despite their previous records.
“It takes a toll on our mentality knowing that we held the worse record of the season,” said Anthony Chen ’15. “Hopefully, this year’s weather conditions will improve as well as our skills.”
With the addition of new recruits, the team has a new potential to outperform themselves.
Captain Daniel Gorelik ’14 said, “We’re perfect on paper since half the guys on the team are veterans and the other half are newbies. But, the main concern is getting the new members experienced with the Public Schools Athletic League.”
Despite the level difference between the new members and the veterans, it is not a problem that cannot be overcome.
“We must bridge the gap between the veterans and the new recruits,” said Gorelik ’14. Consistency is the key to winning the race – the race to the playoffs, according to Gorelik ’14.
Most people want instant results but the truth is that it takes time and patience. As long as progress is being made toward the goal, improvements will be made. The team plans to practice together and individually, day by day and step by step at the tennis courts at Midwood Field and outside of school.
In addition to the team improving as a whole, each individual member of the team has been working on his skills as well.
Chen’15 said, “This year I have been working on improving my strokes, serves, reflexes, and speed so I can have a better performance on the court. Hopefully with these improvements I can win all of my matches.”
In regards to the new direction the team is taking, veterans Ira Anatole ’14 and Chen ’15 respond with determination and perseverance. “We want to defeat our division rivals; Madison, Lincoln and Fort Hamilton and move onto the playoffs this year,” said Anatole ’14.
According to the new recruit Jason Zheng’15, who longed to join the team since his sophomore year, it’s not about the rewards that come with the PSAL championship but the satisfaction that comes with it.
“I’m doing something I enjoy and love, and it’s not just for the show,” said Zheng ’15.
With their eyes set forward and heads held high, the boys are hoping to clinch a spot at the playoffs or further and show their potential. Beginning on March 18, the boys are starting off their season against Leon M. Goldstein High School for Science.

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