Tournament Raises Money for Cancer Research

By Taylor Farrell’15
Midwood Seniors said goodbye in their last basketball game on February 22 at the 2014 Cancer vs. Coaches tournament and senior day. Both were a great success in raising an outstanding total for the KWYOW Foundation. KWYOW is a foundation that helps with cancer research and funding. Admission was $6 for adults and $3 for children, and food, drinks, and socks were sold to create an impressive total for the KWYOW foundation. The girls’ varsity team also purchased T-shirts from this foundation and sold them at the game. Many adults and children gathered together in the C- gym for two consecutive basketball games to help raise cancer awareness and say goodbye to the seniors.
The boys’ varsity team played Grant Street losing with a score of 68-62. In that game Captain Delen Ramovic ‘14 scored a total of 40 points. Luckily, that was enough to get them to playoffs and then the quarterfinals. Unfortunately, losing to Bedford Academy High School on March 4 in the quarterfinals with a score of 72 – 64 made that the last game they played this season.
The girls’ varsity team played St. Johns Villa in the tournament. They won 43-35 and made it to playoffs. Captain Amina Markovic ’14 scored her 1,000th point during this game, and the crowd cheered.
“It was so surprising because I had no idea I was going to hit my 1,000th point,” said Markovic’14. “When the buzzer went off and I was told I hit my 1,000th point I felt so happy because it was such a big accomplishment.”
The girls’ varsity team made it to playoffs and continued forward to quarterfinals and then semifinals. Unfortunately, they lost 52-25 to South Shore High School on March 4 at Lehman College, and their successful journey stopped there.
“I was so excited knowing that we were a stronger team this year and finally made it to the semifinals which hasn’t been done in a long time,” said Markovic’14.
Posters were made for both the senior cheerleaders and senior girl varsity players, along with plaques and awards that were handed out to them for their accomplishments throughout their years in Midwood.
“The awards and posters were such an honor to receive and hand out,” said cheerleader Nermeen Kassem’14. “The basketball senior day was a great way to end the season, as well as, be in our Midwood uniforms for the last time.”

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