Shakspeare Fest Showcases Talent

By Dominique Krol ’15 and Jacquelyne Gilman ‘15 

Creativity and talent were on display during the Shakespeare Festival. This yearly event invites students to create posters, write essays, and dress as Shakespearean characters.

The fest is held in order to help students really appreciate the works of Shakespeare. Mr. William Heim is the coordinator for the contest.

The first option participants could choose was to make a poster advertising which one of Shakespeare’s characters was the best. The poster has to include the name of the play and a drawing of the scene. There were many entries this year.

The first place winner of the poster contest was Anzihelika Grenaderskaya for her work on Lady Macbeth. Second place went to Karen Kwong. Third place was awarded to Gabrielle Rios. Honorable mentions were given to Jasmine Ruan, Alex Huang, Kemba Hall.

The posters were judged based on the teacher’s taste. Students were to create a poster on an 11” x 17” paper advertising one character.

“The paper has to be the same size as everyone else’s, otherwise a student could have an unfair advantage just because they bought larger paper,” said Mr. Heim, coordinator of Shakespeare fest. If the poster were approved they would be hung up outside the English office. The teachers judged the essays, based on how well they were written.

The second option was an essay based on what the student thought was the best scene out of all of Shakespeare’s plays. First place was awarded to Asik Rahman for his essay “Othello Decided to Kill his Wife”. Second place went to Natalya Krilyuk and third place to Hajar Elalam.

“The essays are the best part because I feel it will help students become more college ready by making them type everything out,” said Mr. Heim.

The last option was to dress up as one of the characters from one of Shakespeare’s plays.Only a few students participated in this part. First place was given to Juliette Gurgova for her costume of Cleopatra. Second place was won by Najah Thurston, and third place was won by Hagar Hosein.

The teachers judged the costumes based on how well the student’s costume matched the character. Students had to register in the English office in costume sixth period on November 27.

“The essays are the best part because I feel it will help students become more college ready by making them type everything out,” said Mr. Heim.

Winners will be receiving a framed certificate to celebrate their victory in the Shakespeare Fest of 2013. In addition to this Mr. Heim will be throwing all the winners a pizza party.

According to Mrs. Janice Pumelia, “The finalists will get the chance to compete in the City Championship.”

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