Skedula Becoming Valuable Resource

By Yana Shtapel ‘15

With the help of new online tool named Skedula, students can obtain information faster and easier than before, including an earlier release of student class schedules and report cards.

For students, Skedula can be used in many ways. There is a breakdown of all grades, homework can be posted, and there’s another feature where students can track their progress. There is a college readiness tracker where it shows total accumulated credits and which ones students still may need to graduate, with all the regents scores present.

“Skedula gives you a great insight to your grades, and helps you track how you’re doing in all of your classes,” said Taili Gasso ‘15.

Teachers can use this tool as a way to post homework and assignments that students need to do. Also it is a way that teachers can communicate with students and their parents.

The newest way Skedula is being used is the administration of schedules. Students could now receive their class schedules online before coming into school. Not only does this save paper, but it also saves a lot of time.

“If kids know where to go, they can go straight to class,” said Mrs. Shannon Ramos. “This saves paper and instruction time.”

There are still teachers who prefer to use Engrade instead of skedula because it is much more simple. Engrade wouldn’t be able to provide the information and access that Skedula has to offer.

“I like how you can see a breakdown of all your grades, but it would be more efficient if all of your teachers would use it,” said Gabriella Krumgalz ‘15. Some students didn’t feel the need to sign up for Skedula before.Now they have a reason to do so. In order to receive programs and report cards, students must sign up for Skedula.

“Now there’s a reason for students to sign up for Skedula. Final report card grades are up before you actually receive them, and this may make some students more interested,” said Mrs. Ramos.

“I think Skedula is an amazing tool that will not only help students with multiple things at once, but also it will help students move forward into the future of technology in education,” said Victoria Kantymyr ‘15.

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