Deadlines for Summer Programs Rapidly Approaching

By Keturah Raymond ‘15

Summer seems far away but deadlines for programs are fast approaching. Whether you’re interested in art, journalism or robotics, there is something for you. Especially living in New York City, there are opportunities everywhere you just have to keep your eyes open and ears listening.

“Participating in a summer program or internship looks good on your resume when you’re applying to colleges,” said Ms. Kendra Lane, a guidance counselor. “And it keeps you out of trouble in the summer.”

Focusing on the bigger picture will pay off later, according to Dan Schawbel of “High School Careers,” a study done by found that more than 80% of companies agreed that getting a high school internship allows students to get into a better college. Furthermore, they have an advantage in a field compared to those who do no participate in internships. An internship will yield better and higher paying jobs, according to

“I´m a sophomore and I’m already thinking about my summer plans that colleges will look at,” said Alexis Veliz ’16 “I´m on the track team right now, but I’m planning to get a job this summer, volunteer or join a soccer team outside of school. Decisions, Decisions.”

College Now is the most obvious option with free classes during the summer ranging from science and math to arts and humanities. Last summer some of the classes offered were community roots, marine ecology and theater production. It is not required that students apply to their specific partnered school during the summer, broadening the choices. Applications will be available in April, check with your guidance counselors then.

NYU Summer offers several pre college programs for high school students, similar to college now, allowing students to take college level classes and earn college credits. They offer specialized academic programs, some free, in filmmaking, musical theatre, photography, digital journalism, and finance to name a few. Their Summer College Access Leadership Institute, also known as NYU CALI, is a six day program that teaches students about college admissions, entrance test preparations, essay writing, interview skills and financial aid.

Another internship is The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art offers a six-week STEM program. Students get a chance to do hands on engineering and problem solving. The deadline for application is March 7, along with a $50 fee.

“We worked on a report to understand the structure of polymers and their uses to later create a model plant of our own, taking in the time to make it and all the costs that would be involved,” Fradah Gold ‘15 a participant of the program from the summer of 2013 said. “We also worked in labs to create several polymers and identify them based on their physical properties as well as were given lectures on improving presentation skills and similar helpful topics. This summer I would like to be join another research program to be a part of an interesting and growing study, such as cancer, that could eventually help people.”

There are also countless summer programs and camps students can become involved in.
For those interested in pursuing a career in biomedical sciences, the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center offers an eight week Human Oncology and Pathogenesis Program. Participants do an independent research project with the help of a mentor and present it at the end of the program. They also partake in events, tours and luncheons. Students receive a $1,500 stipend at the end of the session. Applications are available online now and the deadline is March 15.

Girls Who Code, a unique program started in the spring of 2012, is a free program designed to teach girls computing skills with a vision to reach gender parity in the computing fields. It is a seven week program with instruction in robotics, web design and mobile development. Applications for the 2014 summer session are online now and the deadline is February 27.
For those who want to share a story, Reel Works Summer lab is a four week writing and film making workshop. Students pair with a writing mentor to create their own original spoken word poetry which they then turn into short films. This program is free and the deadline for applications is June 10.

Budding artists can apply to the 2014 summer arts institute held at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts. The program is free and lasts about four weeks, students can major in dance, theater, band, vocals, film, string orchestra or visual arts. Applications are available online now and auditions will be help on Saturday, March 22 and Sunday, March 23 at Frank Sinatra School of the Arts.

Maybe you aren’t entirely interested in programs but instead want to get hands on experience perhaps an internship or summer job is what you’re looking for.

“Let’s say you’re interested in the medical field, you can intern at a hospital and get a first hand view of what it’s like and you can decide whether or not you’d like to do it,” said Ms. Lane. “And with programs like Summer Youth Employment you can learn what it’s like to have a real job and that kind of responsibility.”

Central Park has paid internships for those 16 and up during the summer, interns work five days a week with an hourly wage. Applications will be available in March. The Children’s Museum of Manhattan has a Junior Staff Summer Internship program where for 10 weeks interns help to guide tours for visiting camp groups and take part in professional development workshops, fairs and college workshops. The application deadline is May 30, 2014.

Summer Youth Employment Program provides New York City Public School students with paid summer jobs for up to six weeks in July and August. Applications will be available in April and applicants are chosen by lottery.
“Look early,” said Ms. Lane. “Get the applications done and in as early as possible because spots do fill up quickly.”

As Ms. Lane said, the key to conquering the deadlines and successfully getting in to these programs is to apply early. Though sleeping in all day and staying up all night for the summer may sound appealing, going out and trying something new while gaining valuable experience is just as good if not even better, sign up for a summer program now!

Mariosol Morales ’15 and Veronica Chino ’15 also contributed to this article

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