Wrestling Team Ends Their Season Strong

By Jenifer Guzman ‘15
With a whooping 48 to 24 victory against Sheepshead Bay High School, the wrestling team ended their season strong on January 24.
According to the PSAL website , the wrestling team ranks third place in the region 6 league, pinning down a record of 5-2. Their biggest opponent, James Madison High School, is ranked in first place and in second place, New Utrecht High School.
The team started off undefeated for their first two meets against William E.Grady High School and Leon M. Goldstein High school for Science. It was in their third match against New Utrecht High School, that the team ran into trouble. That night the hornets faced a close defeat of 36-29 by New Utrecht.
Disappointed that his team didn’t make it to playoffs by a thin margin Edward Isakov ’14 said,“We would have made it, if just a few more of the guys had won their matches.”
This third match definitely helped build a barrier between the team and playoffs. However, this season New Utrecht wasn’t the only school the team worried about. The team received a low blow when they lost against James Madison with a 50-21on January 16. That night James Madison set their record of 7-0, New Utrecht set their record of 6-1, leaving Midwood with a 4-2. With only one game left in their season the highest record the team could achieve was a 5-2. In order to make it to play offs they had to hold first or second place in their division.
In last months issue David Nemirovsky ‘15 said, “Maddison always seems to give us trouble.”
While the Madison team may hold first place in the league with a 7-0 record, three Midwood wrestlers Nicholas Pavlov ’16, David Nemirovsky ’15 and Mohammed Chowdhury ‘16 hold first, second and third place respectively on the Top Players list for the region 6 league. They also hold second and twenty-third place respectively on the Top Players Chart for all leagues.

Despite the bad losses the team’s sprit was not crushed. If anything they realized that they could not end their season by giving up on what they had long been training for. They redeemed themselves in their last match. With a home-field disadvantage the team fought hard to achieve their last victory of the season against Sheepshead Bay High School.
The team hopes to work on more strategical moves like executing more escapes, which is when the wrestler escapes the grip of their opponent and ends up on their feet. Other members also have personal goals such as David Tskhvedadze ’15 who said he plans on working on his defense and stamina by keeping up with his training.
Another problem the team faced was not having enough wrestlers at a certain weight, which Tskhvedadze said, was the prime reason, for why they would lose.
For next season the guys rely on their experienced and well trained team to knock down their opponents. With their goals to train harder they keep true to the their teams motto
“Champions are made in the off season,” said Dan Gable.
Despite his disappointment, senior Isakov ’14 said he would miss his team and great seasons like this one, “It was a real pleasure and very inspirational.” He hopes the teammates he’s leaving behind this year make it all the way to championship next year, to bring the City trophy back to the Hornets’ nest.

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