Terakawa Impresses with Ramen

By Justin Broomfield ‘15
Chinese delicacies aren’t the only thing that can be enjoyed on the Chinese New Year. Terakawa, a Japanese restaurant located in the Flatiron district, across from Baruch College, is home to tasty ramen. Unlike the boxed noodles that college kids on budgets are used to, the ramen Terakawa serves is flavorful and delicious.
Walking into the small and hidden restaurant, I couldn’t help but notice the layout. It was a tight space. It had vintage Japanese beer advertisements, as well as Coca-Cola ads. When I was seated, I had the chance to look at their small and simplistic menu. They all had names but no description. I saved the waitress time by not asking what the soups contained because I wanted a bit of surprise, so I ordered the Sho-yu ramen along with their pork goyza (pot sticker). As I waited I couldn’t help but watch the chefs prepare my meal because the restaurant had an open view of the kitchen.
Finally, my order was brought to the table, and I was in for a treat. The first sip of the warm and intense broth made me happy, I picked the right choice. The soup was more than I could ask for. The succulent and thinly sliced pork paired with the delicate par-boiled egg made the perfect couple, along with a drop of soy sauce. The mild and soft green onions and the firm and sweet bamboo shoots contrasted beautifully, and I couldn’t put my spoon down. I took my time eating the ramen that had a soft chew and sipping the flavorful broth, until I noticed I had more to chow down on.
I was looking forward to the goyza, but when I took that first bite I was let down. The pot sticker tasted good but did not stand out from others I have tried. Though it went great with the soy sauce and chili oil, it lacked creativity.
Terakawa, located at 18 Lexington Avenue, New York, had many other dishes. Their ramen caters to all types of palates ranging from a Miso Ramen to a Vegetable Ramen. Having spicy tuna, fried rice and salads also helps attract customers. The prices for the ramen are $9 and $10, and the appetizers and sides range from $2.50 to $8. The food is fairly priced and can fit many budgets for enjoying a simple meal.
Overall the experience was well worth it, and the décor made me feel like I was in someone’s home in Japan. From watching the chefs cook, to looking at all the decorations and trinkets the restaurant had, I knew I made the right choice of visiting Terakawa. I would definitely recommend this place for their amazing ramen. I give this place a 4 out of 5 stars.

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