Seniors Win Big at Science Poster Contest

By Saba Sakhi ‘15 & Jacquelyne Gilman ‘15

Victory reigned supreme at the Science Research Poster Session at St. Joseph’s College on Saturday, February 1, from 9am to 1pm. With first place awarded to Raquel Hosein ’14 for her “Application of a Wireless Electrical Device For the Detection of Epilepsy,” second place to Allen Barbarovich ’14 and Christopher Ayala ’14. Honorable mentions were awarded to M. Tasnin Kabir ’14, Chukwunonso Nwasike ’14, Sammi Chung ‘14 and Jasmin Kim ’14. Competition was fierce with 112 high school contestants from all over the city, but Midwood still managed to come out on top. This year marked the greatest number of contestants.

“It’s great to get recognition for the work that you did,” said Raquel Hosein ’14. “I loved my project and that’s why I did well, when you don’t love what you’re doing there’s something lacking in your work.”

At the event there were two first place winners, two second place winners and 10 honorable mentions. All the participants received certificates. The winners and honorable mentions received a small gift bag. The winners also received gift cards from Barnes and Noble. The session is held every year and next year will make its 20th anniversary.

“I started working in my project junior year and my professor helped a lot on my presentation,” said Tasnim Halim ’14. Juniors and seniors who are in the Science Research Program entered the competition. Not many juniors entered because they aren’t as far along with their projects. It was mandatory for the seniors to enter.

According to Glenn Elert, Science Research Coordinator, there were 37 contestants from Midwood at the competition.

Starting junior year, students get internships at colleges in labs and start attending weekly, depending on their schedule. There, students work on projects with their mentor. Next, the work done in the lab is submitted to various competitions including the Research Poster Session.

Frank W. Grasso, professor of Psychology at Brooklyn College, said he guided his students in his lab by meeting with them and giving them resources, along with constant course corrections.

“Your mentor assigns projects along with what your mentor finds,” said M. Tasnin Kabir ’14.

There were a total of 31 judges at the event. Posters were displayed on tables on stage and in two separate rooms. The judges walked around with their folders to each poster board making it to as many students as they could. Students presented to three or more judges. One main question asked while presenting was “Why you chose this project?”
“It’s really interesting to see what people are doing,” said Michael Megafu, a judge. “It’s on a 1 to 5 scale and contestants are judged mainly on the quality of work and their presentation.”
The judging took two hours, followed by a keynote where the guest speaker, Dr. Cindie Kehlet, spoke about her research on “Portable Nuclear Magnetic Resonance for the Investigation of Artist Materials.” At the end they announced the winners and gave out the awards. The purpose of the event is to help showcase the scientific achievement of the students.

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