Girls’ Basketball Shoots for Championship

By Amy Donovan ‘15 With only one more game left of the season, the girls’ basketball team is eager to make the most of it while working their way to the championship.
“We’ve had a couple of tough losses,” said Chanice Battle’15, “but I think as a team we can grow and make it to the championship.”
Battle said that the team will have to win three rounds of playoff games to make it to the championship.
The girls are second in their league with a record of ten wins and five losses. They’re right behind South Shore High School who is first in the league with a record of 12 wins and one loss. Assistant coach Jenny Ferrarin said that right now South Shore is their biggest competition.
Although the season has gone smoothly on the court, there have been some challenges along the way.
“The most challenging part was getting the girls comfortable with one another,” Coach Ferrarin said. “There are freshman, returning girls, and girls who came up from junior varsity so it takes some time for everyone to get used to playing together and learning from their teammates.”
Breanna Maresca’14 said one of the most challenging parts of the season was trying to keep the intensity up for the entirety of the games as well as sometimes doubting themselves in tough situations.

However, despite some of the challenges the team is proud of their season and the hard work they put into it.
“I’m proud of our team trying to mesh all of our different personalities together and skill sets so we could come together and win our games,” Battle said.
“I’m most proud of the South Shore game because for the four years I’ve been on the team, we have always lost to them,” said Maresca, “and this time around we came the closest to beating them and played a good game overall.”
As the season is coming to a close some of the players reflected back on their favorite games.
Battle said, “My favorite game of the season was the game against Harry S. Truman because our whole team worked together as a whole to upset one of the powerhouses of our league.”
The team is also looking ahead to next season and what they can do to make it an even more successful one than this year.
“I think the team can improve on rebounding, boxing out, sharing the ball and being more supportive of each other,” said Kyla Formey’15.
Maresca added that communication is also something the girls could work on for the next season.
If the team keeps up the hard work and determination they’ve had since the beginning of the season they have a real shot at making it to the championship and bringing home a win.

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