Gardening Club Plans to Beautify Midwood

By Vivian Tan ‘15
Tulips, daisies, and roses are some of the flowers the Gardening Club plans to plant. They meet every Friday after 10th period in room 254.
The 30 by 35 feet garden is located in the back of the Annex. As an inside joke, the officers nicknamed it the “toilet bowl” because of its unique shape.
“In freshmen year, we all had different designs for the garden and future ideas of what we wanted to do with the garden,” said Helen Wong ‘15, the treasurer of the Gardening Club.
Some of these future ideas include opening a flower shop, making the garden a hangout place to enjoy nature, and creating an organic vegetable garden. All of these ideas have yet to come true because of the lack of resources and supplies.
Members of the Gardening Club sold stuffed panda bear key chains for $2 from January 13 to January 17 in the lobby. The fundraiser raised a total of $134. It was a great success, with all of them being sold out.
Building a garden is expensive. A packet of mulch covering 20 square feet costs about $20.
“Every dollar counts goes to beautifying the Midwood community,” said Wong ‘15.
Joanne Lee ‘15, the vice president of the Gardening Club said, “Not only do we want to make the garden nice and pretty, we want to be able to maintain that and have enough money to deal with any future problem. We also want to hand over a stable club to our successors when we graduate from Midwood.”
The proceeds went to buying gardening supplies such as mulch, fencing, seeds, gardening tools, wood planks, organic soil and pots.
The club is planning to have a few more fundraisers such as an upcoming bake sale and one for Valentine’s Day with handmade roses.
So far, only tulips were planted and fencing was put up to prevent squirrels from eating the tulips bulbs. The tulips are going to start growing in two months when spring comes around.
Last year, the members tried growing bell flowers and paperwhite ziva flowers in the peer tutoring room as practice; many bloomed. A few members weren’t as lucky, finding their plants dried up. Although they didn’t have blooming flowers, they learned from their mistakes.
“I hope we do better in the garden,” said Grace Win ‘15.
Next term, the members are going to start tending to the garden, making their ideas come true.

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