Brooklyn SING-Off to Determine Ultimate Champion

By Emily Kaufman ‘15
SING times three! Brooklyn high schools Midwood, Murrow, and Madison will go head-to-head in a SING-off on March 8 at Edward R. Murrow High School. The winning groups from each school will compete to determine the ultimate SING champion of Brooklyn. All proceeds from the event will go to the American Cancer Society to support the Relay for Life, an organized fundraising walk for cancer research.
“It all started with an idea created by the American Cancer Society to raise money for the Relay for Life,” said Liana Porto ’16, SoFresh SING Stage Manager and an intern for the American Cancer Society. “As soon as they mentioned it to me, I thought it would be awesome.”
The representatives from the American Cancer Society met with the principals of each high school, and they were all eager to go through with the event. Although the winning groups from each school will be performing their original SING shows, there are quite a few differences between this event and a normal SING show.
According to Ms. Marcia Kaufman, the Coordinator of Student Activities, the point system will be magnified. For example, if the show is over an hour long, a larger number of points will be deducted. In addition, Ms. Kaufman says, we will not be allowed to transport any of our props or scenery to Murrow for the production.
“We haven’t decided what to do yet concerning the scenery and props,” said Nermeen Kassem ’14, Senior SING Stage Manager. “The rules and regulations for the SING-off are different than those in our school, and we have to respect that. However, the lack of scenery and props can influence our performance because they are essential in understanding the concepts and ideas of the play.”
Since the seniors took the victory in this year’s SING, their winning play will be performed at the SING-off. However, the coordinators decided to open up the show to all the grades. Dancers and chorus members from SoFresh and Junior SING are encouraged to audition and participate in this event.
“It’s no longer just Senior SING, it’s Midwood SING. We wanted the best of the best to come together and represent our school,” said Casey Stabiner ’14, SING Overall and Coordinator of the SING-off.
Miriam Gabay ’15, a dancer in Junior SING, said, “I want to audition because I love participating in SING and also because I know many people who attend Madison and Murrow. To go against them would be fun, and a great way to endorse a friendly competition.”
Not only will this event benefit the American Cancer Society, it will also benefit our school and the community as a whole. Many local pizzerias are donating “a piece of the pie” to feed over 500 participants from the three competing schools on the night of the production.
“I think this is a good opportunity for us to show that we are not only intelligent students, but also very talented,” said Shewy Brown ’14, a dancer in Senior SING. “It shows how we can allow our creativity to come together to have a friendly competition with other schools.”
Jocelyn Yeung ’15, a chorus member in Junior SING, said, “It’s positive competition since we can be inspired from our competitors and come up with new ideas for future shows.”
Porto ’16, who has been involved with the American Cancer Society for the past two years, says she’s thrilled that something she’s so passionate about can also be beneficial for our school, the community, and for the organization.
“Hopefully this will be a new tradition that ensues,” said Porto ’16.

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