Wrestling Team Continues Winning Streak

By Christopher Ramos ‘15 and Javlon Xaydarov ‘15

With a record of two wins and zero losses, the wrestling team started the regular season strong. They participated in many events so far, starting with one against Brooklyn Technical High School on December 3.

Only two events out of many actually counted in the team’s 2-0 record. The teams are scored by tallying up the points earned during each match of the event. Whichever team scored the highest is deemed the winner.

The first event against William E. Grady high school took place on December 11. It ended with a score of 48 for Midwood and 12 for Grady.  The second event against Leon M Goldstein HS for Science took place on December 19. It ended with a score of 61 for Midwood and 12 for Goldstein. The margin by which the team won is large, indicating that the team is stronger than ever.

“The boys really showed how their training paid off at the recent events,” Amanda Varvak ‘15, one of the team managers said. “They train hard, and I encourage them to do their best in every match.”

Although the team seems to be dominating the competition, they don’t underestimate others. This is important because they will be facing many other formidable teams in the near future. On January 16, the team will be facing off with James Madison High School’s team which has a record of three wins and zero losses.

“Madison always seems to give us trouble,” said David Nemirovsky ‘15, a member of the team. “They have experienced wrestlers, just like us.”

The team doesn’t only participate in these events for a good record; they are looking forward to making it to the playoffs. To do this they will have to defeat many other teams in the region 6 league, a group of high schools allowed to face each other.

“I’m confident that we can make it to the playoffs, but we have to beat tough teams to get there,” said Makar Tchekalenkov ’15, a member of the team.

This goal doesn’t seem so far, after hearing some of the team’s ambitious personal goals for the season.

“My goal for this season is to win all of my matches,” said Nemirovsky ‘15. “So far, my match record is 11 wins and 0 losses.”
The season is predicted to end by the end of January. That still leaves room for many events which can lead to the end of the team’s winning streak. To prevent this from happening, the team holds practice every Tuesday and Thursday.

“We strive to represent Midwood well at every event and hope to continue our winning streak,” said Dr. Hero.

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