Turning to Social Media For Homework Help

By Emily Kaufman ‘15

Photos, status updates, videos, tweets – homework help?

Social media has become a forum for students to seek homework help, test prep, and other information about school events.

“If I forgot an assignment or was absent from school, I go on social media and ask my classmates for the work,” said Sharukh Azad ’15. “Social media is the main hub for everything.”

Students flock to social media sites like Facebook simply to obtain information about school. In some cases, social media has become less about connecting with friends and more about seeking help.

“It’s a good idea to use social media for school-related needs,” said Dianna Roman ’15. “Some teachers want you to get assignments from other students, and using social media is the easiest way to get in contact with them.”

Many groups and clubs like SING and Key Club use social media to gather and send out information to participants.

“It’s a great way to gather or give out information for anything,” said Amy Donovan ’15.

Students also use video chatting programs like Skype and Tinychat to study with their peers. They are able to show each other examples of problems, talk about difficult material, and

help one another.
“I often video chat with my friends to study for tests. There have always been some distractions, but it’s always been a help to clarify things I didn’t understand,” said Kadeem Adrian ’15. “Once you start to focus on the material, it’s helpful.”

Although many students find video chatting to be helpful for test prep, some may find it distracting.

“I would rather just sit down by myself and study so that I have no distractions whatsoever. Some of my friends video chat, and they say it’s way too distracting,” said Azad ’15.
Diana Grinberg ’15 said, “Social media can be helpful, but usually it’s a huge distraction for me.”

In addition, many teachers post the majority of their assignments online using websites like Skedula and Engrade.

“It’s definitely a fine way for students to access their assignments if they should have to,” said Mr. Eugene Resnick, Social Studies teacher.

However, some students believe going on these Internet classrooms is just an invitation to use the computer, which can lead to logging onto social media sites.

“Personally, I like when assignments are given in class and not posted online. Turning on my computer during homework means checking Facebook and Twitter,” said Leah Katz ’14.

Mr. Resnick said, “It’s like eating a piece of cake and having to stop yourself from eating more. Students have to find a good balance between social media and schoolwork.”

Whether students use social media only to connect with friends, or if they decide to incorporate school too, the sites and programs have become a major forum for ideas, updates, and information.

“It’s almost like going to the library or the peer-tutoring center,” said Olivia Baerga ’15. “But you have so many more options by using social media.”

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