Physics Club Gives Students Momentum

By Mohammed Hasan ’15                                                                

                Struggling, suffering and failing in Physics, motivates students to join the Physics Club, held on Mondays ninth period in room A115.

Dr.Stephan Riemersma is the advisor of the Physics Club. Dr. R’s job is to make sure students understand and ask questions about the concepts they were taught in class.

“The club pairs struggling students with Physics C students who are familiar with the material,” said Dr. R.

Students who are in danger of failing are given the opportunity to work on Physics problems with a one on one tutor.

“Students cooperate with each other and communicate in an orderly manner, to work on questions they are struggling

with,” said Tommy Lam ’14, a Physics C tutor.

The concept of Physics is not understood in a matter of minutes. Therefore, the Physics Club provides students with the opportunity of asking questions and obtaining open-ended answers.

“Discussing questions that students are having difficulty with generally furthers the understanding of the students,” said Dr. R.

Winston Cheong ’15 said, “Reviewing questions motivates Physics students to understand the concept in a more precise manner.”

Students often complain about their grades in Physics class, consequently, some take the initiative to attend Physics tutoring.

“Many students struggle to keep up with their grade because they do not understand the concept behind the topic,” said Cheong ’15.

In order to maintain progress, the Physics Club allows students to choose their own tutor. The club does not want students to feel uncomfortable when asking questions; rather they want students to feel relaxed and ready to ask questions.

“I think it’s a great way to make progress because it allows students to have more options instead of feeling like they’re stuck with someone that really isn’t getting through to them,” said Ong ’14.

Students who are failing Physics may come to Dr. R for an alternative solution, by organizing a weekly tutoring session with Physics C students in room 403, also known as the peer tutoring room.

“Tutoring gives the tutors a deeper understanding of the topic themselves, which is often enlightening for both the tutor and the student,” said Dr. R.

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