Photography Club Takes on New Projects

By Charlynn Trish Ben ’15 & Miriam Gabay ’15

Calling all photographers! Starting this year, the Photography Club will cater to those who have a passion for photography and to those who are interested in learning about the exciting art form.

“Photography has been my hobby for many years, and I found out that many of my friends enjoy it as well. I realized that there wasn’t a photography club in Midwood anymore and therefore I wanted to start one again,” said club Vice-President, Fradah Gold ’15.

The club is planning on creating activities that all students can enjoy, such as bringing photographers to talk about certain topics and even creating abstract pieces. The president is also thinking about an exciting project that involves the photos of Midwood students to come together into one giant mosaic.

In order to participate in the club, you are not required to have a professional camera- just one that can easily take a picture.

“You can use any camera of your choice including your phone to take pictures for the projects we will be doing,” said Amy Lin ’14, president of the club.

With the ever-growing market of photo sharing websites and apps such as Tumblr and Instagram, the use of phones have been crucial in the art of photography. Students have already been buzzing about the club.

“I’ve always been so interested in photographs especially vintage ones,” said Olga Volosyanko ’15. “I’ve always wanted a photography club, and now that we have one, I get to talk to people who enjoy the same interests as me.”

However, the club has faced a rough start.

“Due to the many events occurring in the fall semester, we did not meet as club yet, so we hope to assemble every Wednesday afternoon in the new year [2014],” said Gold ’15

However despite the hardships, the new club has pulled through and conducted it’s first meeting on Wednesday, January 8. During the meeting, Lin ’14 and the members have decided on creating a collage that forms the Empire State Building, which they plan on creating throughout this upcoming Regents week.

“It [the meeting] was definitely a good and beneficial introduction to what is to come during the year,” said Gloria Liang ’14.

The club will be meeting every Wednesday during 8th period in Room 404 which is across the hall from the Peer Tutoring room.

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