Ms. Ross Shares Experience

By Donald Ceus ‘15

For the last 6 years, Midwood has had the privilege of having Ms. Jessica Ross on its staff.  Among her contributions are teaching regents and A.P. Biology and being a part of the science research program.

Ms. Ross grew up in Indiana.  She attended Indiana University for her undergraduate studies where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree (B.S.).  After, she went to study at Northeastern University.  At Northeastern, she got her Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Clinical Microbiology and, later, her Master of Science degree (M.S.) in Microbiology.

When Ms. Ross finished her education, she went to work as a clinical microbiologist at Tufts Medical School in Boston, Massachusetts. She worked as a clinical microbiologist for 4 and a half years. After, she decided to become a teacher.

“I had a masters in microbiology, I was doing research in a lab, my grant ran out, so I decided to try teaching,” she said.

Ms. Ross has been teaching for 12 years. For her first six years, she taught in Boston; Hudson High School for five years and at Hull High School for one year.  For the last six years, she has been teaching at Midwood.  Even though teaching can be mentally and physically demanding, she still likes her job.

“I like when I actually make a difference in a kid’s life,” said Ms. Ross.  “I like them to become educated consumers and well-rounded people”

One of her best experiences in her teaching career is when she helped a student get into college.

“She had a very bad home situation.  I helped her to get into college, I helped her decide which college to attend, and I wrote her a recommendation,” said Ms. Ross.  “She didn’t have anyone to take her, so I took her to college. Her family was very against her going to college.”

Ms. Ross said one of her worst teaching experiences was in her first semester, teaching a period 9 inclusion class. “The kids were completely out of control and I didn’t have experience working with that population,” she said.

Besides teaching, Ms. Ross has been a member of a volunteer ambulance for the last 19 years.

Ms. Ross is known for her use of a microphone during her lectures.  The reason for this is because she has a condition in which speaking strains her vocal cords. It’s hard for her to project her voice properly.  The microphone was a gift from her mother, who is a speech therapist.

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