Lady Hornets Shoot for Championship

By Robyn Nagourney ‘14

Basketball season is well underway, and the girls are working hard.  With a 5-4 record, the girl’s varsity basketball team is second in their division. Practicing six days a week, the players are committed to the team.

“Practices are intense, but they are important,” said Marie Brincat ’14. “Everything we do in practice translates in a game.”

The highlight of the season so far was the game against Harry S. Truman High School. For the first time in three years, the Hornets beat Truman High School with a score of 81- 52.  The well-deserved victory was a credit to the Hornet’s outstanding teamwork during the game.

“Instead of one person taking on the whole team, we all spread the ball around and everyone got a chance to score,” said Alexandra Moogan ’15. “This made the lead even greater and our team even stronger.”

The basketball team’s biggest rival is South Shore High School. After a devastating defeat of 53- 34 at the last game against South Shore, the girls are determined to come back even stronger for their next meeting on Wednesday, January 22. Lack of communication between players on the court was partially the reason for the loss. The team plans to communicate better in order to fight through the other team’s screens and to close out the other team’s shooters in the upcoming game.

“Our weakness as a team is our inability to keep up that intensity level throughout the whole game,” said Breanna Maresca ’14. “We can’t get discouraged while playing because the key to being successful is good communication on and off the court.”

The Hornets’ ultimate goal is to play at Madison Square Garden in the championship game this year. Although the team wants to have this opportunity, it is not their primary objective. The girls focus on dedication and practice in hopes of strengthening their skills rather than just simply preparing for a game or a tournament.  The players use every game, whether it is a win or a loss, as a learning experience to help them improve.

“It’s not even about the competition anymore,” said Moogan. “All we have to do is focus on ourselves mentally. Everyone on the team is talented and we just need to realize that. If we bounce off one another’s energy, we should be fine.”

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