Hunger Games Sequel Catches Audiences’ Attention

By Murrim Shahid ’15

Without a doubt, Catching Fire was the one of most anticipated movie of 2013. A follow-up to the highly successful Hunger Games, Catching Fire did not disappoint its fans. Katniss Everdeen has ignited the start of a rebellion against the Capitol. To what extent will the Capitol go to stop her and the others?

Katniss, played by Jennifer Lawrence, is a brave, young girl who stands for her beliefs. These characteristics were portrayed in the Hunger Games and continue to take a major role in Catching Fire. Throughout the movie Katniss develops into the bold selfless woman she is, despite her vulnerabilities.  She is now determined, more than ever, to reach her goal. You can almost feel her pain and emotions which create a connection between the movie and the audience, and some were even brought to tears.

Not only did the characters draw in the viewers but so did the fashion aspect of the movie. Katniss wore a snow white wedding dress that burns down changing it to a midnight black gown which trickles with fire. And how can one forget the bold colors and styles of Effie which just draw in the watchers.

If the costumes weren’t enough, the scenery and special effects make the movie visually appealing. From the beautifully hunting battle arena to the animals used against the tributes, it all takes you on an adventure. Each fighting scene and the sounds used in this movie made it seem as if we were Katniss herself, experiencing everything she was. From the beginning to the end, we are taken along to an action packed adventure.

Amid all the chaos, is a love triangle between Katniss, Peeta, and Gale. The love triangle is not the main focus, but it is enough to keep the audience interested and pleased. However, the ‘love’ between Katniss and Peeta is important as it led to them unconsciously starting a rebellion in the first movie, which carries over in Catching Fire. The fair balance of action and drama makes this movie appealing to a diverse audience.

When movies are adapted from series and novels, questions of comparison are expected. Catching Fire does truly compliment and justify the novels fairly well. Like every movie, there are scenes that are manipulated and not true to the novel, but it is not enough to affect watchers who haven’t read the novel.

Until the end, astonishing and jaw dropping events occur. Catching Fire is unpredictable, and keeps you on the edge of your seat. With many questions running through the mind, the anticipation for the next movie increases and leaves us wanting more.

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