Hornets Strive to Bring Championship Trophy Home Again

By Shanelle Poole ‘15 and Jessie Wong ‘15

Getting to the championship won’t be an easy goal, but with the hard work and dedication, the boys’ basketball team will be looking forward to a promising season.

The team is preparing by practicing five days a week for two hours. During practice, plays are reviewed so much to the point that the whole team has it memorized. There is also a lot of body conditioning involved, such as sprints and suicides, a type of exercise that involves running or pushups.

“I feel very confident that we will be a successful team with all the hard work we’ve done. We had a few non-league games and a tournament to prepare us for the season,” said Markos Plimakis ‘15.

The team’s coach pushes the players to the best of their ability because they have high expectations.

“The boys’ basketball team has always been successful,” said Mr. Victor Gjecaj, the basketball coach. “We won the state championships in 2011 and that was the 1st championship in Midwood history. We are expected to win another championship this year.”

“Sometimes his practices are strict,” said Patryk Trzonkowski ‘15. “If we had a bad game the other day, he would feel the need to go over our plays and strategies on how to score and be an effective team.”

Not only does Coach Gjecaj push his team, but he allows the boys to enjoy themselves.

Trzonkowski ‘15 also stated during fun practices, the team is allowed to play against one another and basically run the whole practice.

The Hornets proved their hard work and dedication when they won their first game against Franklin Delano Roosevelt High School on Friday, December 5. The final score was 68-79. The team started the season off with a win. This season, the team is very confident, due to the amount of practice and scrimmages they had before the season even started. “It all starts with practice, good practice reflects in the game,” said Mr. Gjecaj.

On December 12, Midwood Hornets won their home game against Sheepshead Bay High School. During the first quarter, majority of points were from Delen Ramovic ‘14, with the leading score of 17-9. Throughout the game, Sheepshead Bay caught up, creating a hyped up audience, with the score of 27-23. Isaiah Wilson ‘14, and Trzonkowski, played great defense at trying to stop the opposing team. Towards the end of fourth quarter, with the lead of Sheeps.head Bay, the score was 45-46.

“We didn’t have the intensity and didn’t execute plays which allowed Sheepshead to stay close,” Said Mr. Gjecaj

As Jean Hercule ‘16, made a risky layup, leading the team by one point (47-46), he injured his leg.

The Hornets continued their winning streak on Thursday, January 9, when the basketball team faced Lafayette High school. In the last few seconds of the game, Brandon Carroll ‘15 was able to make the winning point, and the Hornets won the game 70-69. It wasn’t an easy game for them, but the team is happy. They were able to work together to claim another victory.

Although basketball seems to be heading towards a great season, there are some disadvantages to being on the team.

“I dislike that some days I have to go practice while having an exam the next day,” said Abdelkarim Abuzahrieh ‘14.
Grossman ‘15 said, “I get home at six, seven, maybe even eight sometimes because of practice.”

On the other hand, Grossman also said joining teams such as basketball is a great way to make friends and help keep fit.

The boys’ basketball team is very confident that if they keep working together and stay focused, they can bring the championship home once again.

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