Boys Track Paces for Invitationals

By Jonathan Ma ‘15

The boy’s track team is double knotting their shoes as they look forward to a successful year after bringing back the PSAL Cross Country City Championship last year.

“We have to build off of success from last years Cross Country Championship,” said Coach Marc Cohen.

With less than two months the boy’s track team is preparing for the 2014 New Balance Nationals Indoor. In preparing for the event the varsity team runs an average of 60 miles a week including two-day intervals a week. On interval days, individuals run mile repeats or four miles back to back with only five-minute breaks in between. Junior varsity follows behind with an average of 50 miles a week.

“Whatever you start don’t finish it half way,” said Ike Egbunam ‘15

With a break every three weeks, Boy’s track isn’t as easy as it sounds. Whether indoor or outdoor the freezing winter temperatures and the sizzling summer temperatures don’t stop the Hornets from missing a single day of practice.

“All weather is good weather,” said Coach Cohen with a smirk on his face.

During last year’s PSAL Cross Country City Championship 5k run the Hornets came in first place with an average time of 17 minutes and 15 seconds. A 5k run is equivalent to running almost a quarter of Manhattan or running across a football field about 55 times.

“It’s an event that was never achieved in school history,” said Coach Cohen.

Honorable runners on the track team include Billy Hector ‘14 who ranked top five in the New York State two-mile run and came in third place in the Hispanic Games, Ron Livchits ‘15 who came in the top 10 of the Cross Country Championships with a time of 16:58.23, and Jacob Zolotarvsky ’16 one of the top middle distance runners on the team.

“You have to practice perfectly because practice isn’t perfect,” said Corey Jerome ’15.

Meets and invitationals are expensive, especially with a team of nearly 60 athletes. Each meet comes close to $500 and fundraising is just one part. Donations are happily accepted and go towards transporting the team to each meet.

Coming in second place back in 2010 for the PSAL City Championship 4×100 meter relay in Outdoor Track and Field, the Boy’s track team is working towards breaking that goal and achieving first place. The Hornets are also looking towards another Triple Crown that hasn’t been won since the late 1980s; to achieve it they must win all Cross Country, Indoor, and Outdoor Track and Field Championships.

“Too many school records have survived,” said Coach Cohen. “It’s time to break them.”

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