3D Printer Brings Midwood Up to Date

By Jasmine Kingston ‘15 

As modern technology races on, Midwood runs alongside it. At the price of about $1,300, there has been an addition to our technological family: the 3D Printer.

Ms. Lisa Ali, one of the robotics teachers, called it a “breakthrough in technology.”

After seeing a robotics team from another school at the For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology (FIRST) Robotics competition last year, Mr. Cameron Jahn thought the printer would be beneficial for our robotics team. It puts Midwood technologically ahead of many other schools.

“Anything you can design on a computer, you can print it out in plastic,” said Mr. Jahn.

The printer, in room 380, can create three dimensional objects, printing designs layer by layer. It is for the entire Robotics Program. Students won’t be able to use it this year, but next year, when the Mechatronics Class is up and running, students will be able to manufacture parts. If the Robotics Class runs out of LEGO parts, they will also be able to make more with the printer. Auto Computer Aided Design(AutoCAD) students will be able to make designs on a computer, transfer them through a flash drive, which can then be printed out. It takes a range of about 20 minutes to six hours to print something from the printer.

Right now, only the Robotics Team can use the printer for their upcoming competition.

So far, a lime green ring, bracelet, and crown has already been printed. Ms. Ali said that students who win first place in class challenges will be able to design and manufacture their own prize.

She said students will be able to “understand the feel of manufacturing their own products and utilizing them.”

Hopefully, the 3D Printer fulfills the expectations of Mr. Jahn, Ms. Ali, and all students who will use it.

Mr. Jahn said, “It bridges the gap between Robotics and AutoCAD, and all the different classes that we offer.”

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