Girls Volleyball Ends a Strong Year

By Vlada Nakhbo ‘15

Although the Lady Hornets lost their final game against Benjamin N. Cardozo High School at Hunter College on November 26, 2013, the girl’s volleyball team refuses to admit defeat.

We were winning during the first set, but after two bad calls made by the referee, the game was tied and ultimately led to our loss of 23-25, explained Coach Thomasina Lenzi. Like the coach, many of the players disagreed with the call and believed it should have been overturned. During the second set, the team did not play their best and eventually lost 12-25.

“Our strategy was to block the outside hitter and adjust our defense to start positions,” said Ms. Lenzi. The goal being that everything the team works on during practice, whether it is drills or practice games, would be applied to the finals game to evidently bring home the win.

After years of struggle, the team has bashed down its walls and climbed over to the Public School Athletic League A Final with all of the tools they need to achieve the ultimate prize, a city title.

“Coach Lenzi is very motivational and knows the game well,” said Liza Stepanova ’15. “She knows exactly what we need to do and how to do it. It’s what lead us to be the best team in our division.”

Despite the loss, the season has proved to be an astounding success with consistent practices from Mondays to Saturdays and the precise dose of mental motivation.

Disappointment was not in the air for some of the players. “I was excited to be in the finals,” said Michaela Appel ’15 “which we haven’t made since 2001.”

Simona Borkina ’15 said, “We are proud that we made it to the finals this year. Although we didn’t win, we know what to work for next year’s competition.”

For a game, the team participates in drills, which ultimately help the players improve in specific skills, she explains. The girls are ready to patch up any errors they noticed during the game and come back stronger than ever.

“Today is great. Be grateful for this day. It can only get greater,” said Ms. Lenzi.

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