Girl’s Track Runs Towards Success

By Jessica Benjamin ’15 and Emerald Cazeau ‘15

Motivated and determined, the Girls Track team is transitioning from outdoor cross-country season to indoor season. This transition will not be easy, but the team is ready to face whatever comes their way. They are ready to run with their dreams.

For the indoor season, Mr. Walter Cohen, coach of the Girls Track Team, goes by the philosophy to get the most out of athletes to fulfill their potential and prepare for what they have to do.

“Life isn’t easy,” he said. “I want the team to compete and do as well as we can.”

The team has always been a tough opponent during the cross-country season, which began in September and ended in November. They ended the season with 13 of their members competing in the 2.5 mile run at the NYC Mayor’s Cup Cross Championship on October 6.

Rose Borgard 16’ said, “We had a very good cross-country season. We came in second overall in Brooklyn. With all of us setting personal records, we have a lot of work to do to get ourselves into tip-top shape. I believe that we will do even better indoors.”

With such a high spirit from the team, they aspire to participate in the indoor Mayoral Cup Championships.

Ashell Tisin 15’ said, “Practice is productive. We have new girls on the team, it’s a large team and everyone works together as a team. At the end of the day, we get the work done.”

The Girls Track Team has practice Mondays to Thursdays. With all these hours of practice, they are well prepared for their meets and hope to maintain their ranking positions in track within the city for the 2013-2014 indoor season.

With every victory comes some loss. At the meet on December 12, the team lost. This, however, did not affect their desire to win every upcoming game this season.

Adaiza Findley 15’ said, “This was the second meet of the season, which was quite early. There were a lot of mistakes, but everyone is still learning. We have to get used to it.”
In terms of her personal goals, Findley plans to do much better in 400-meter and 200-meter to make up for previous meets.

One of the senior team members expressed her goals for the new indoor season.

Caitlin Munson 14’ said, “Take every practice seriously, learn from mistakes, and give it your all.”

With those wise words and resolute mindset, Munson and the team are destined to achieve greatness for the remainder of the outdoor season.

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