DOE Needs to Go Kosher

By Saba Mehdi & Sophia Liao
Students are widely concerned with the food being provided to them by the Department of Education. New York City doesn’t have a variety of choices for school lunch. There are many people affected by this; Halal and Kosher are currently considered by the DOE.
“In such a diverse city, public schools should provide food which all students can eat even though they practice different religions,” said Mahnoor Mian ’15.
Islam and Judaism don’t permit ham and pork, which is an issue since most of the lunch being provided to students consists of these.
Muslims are only allowed to eat meat which is slaughtered in a certain way, they aren’t allowed to eat other types of meat unless it is a life or death situation. Jewish people are only allowed to eat foods that meet the criteria of Kashru.
According to the New York City public school food website, a majority of the lunch being provided to students contains some type of meat in it. This makes the lunch choices for practicing students limited. Pizza and mozzarella sticks are usually offered, however, students should have a wider variety of choices to eat from.
Many students, who aren’t able to eat school food, often go home after seven hours with an empty stomach. Whereas other students, fill up their stomachs by eating chicken nuggets, ham, beef patties and other foods. The school should at least provide vegetarian dishes which all students are able to eat.
“Even if I bring food from my house, by the time I have lunch, it gets cold and isn’t edible,” said Rui Yui ’15.
Students who start period one and end period eight, are usually starved by the time they get home, and even though they are provided lunch, the condition of the food isn’t acceptable for them to eat.
Overall, the Department of Education should reconsider the types of food being provided to students.

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