Student Gov't Officers Elected

By Samuel Genchikmakher ‘14
After a month of campaigns and two days of speeches, the votes are in and the new members of the Student Government have been chosen. Among those chosen are Almas Shafiq ’14 for mayor, Verlandy Michel ’14 for comptroller, and Kyana Exceus ’14 for senior president. According to Coordinator of Student Affairs Mrs. Marcia Kaufman, about 850 students voted in this year’s election.
“It feels really good to be the newly elected mayor,” said Shafiq.” You feel more appreciated and respected.”
Candidates addressed a number of concerns during their speeches in the two days before the elections and vowed to work with the student body to address the multitude of issues. Many candidates focused on central issues such as bathroom cleanliness and availability. Candidate Akeem Pinock ’14 received a loud cheer from the crowd when he declared that he would fight “hella hard” to get the annex bathrooms open.
Students from all grades attended the election speeches, which were held May 20 and 21. Each candidate got the opportunity to present themselves to the student body and compete for votes. Almas Shafiq’s ‘14 speech was original and memorable. She performed a skit after her speech that left everyone laughing.
“Almas’s speech was definitely memorable. I think it made her stand out in everyone’s heads,” said Casey Stabiner ’14.
According to Shafid ’14, competition was fierce this year, and she wanted to impress voters.
“I went all out,” said Sharif ’14. “I made letters and necklaces too.”
On May 22, anonymous voting was held in a booth in the cafeteria.
New Comptroller Michel said that she was “very happy” that she won. “I won’t let the students down,” she said.
Senior Presidential Candidate Jeffrey Tsui ’14, who dubbed himself “Korean Jesus” during the speeches, embraced a more theatrical approach to his campaign. After saying that he did not want to bore anyone with a speech, he proceeded to unroll a long wound-up scroll, much to the laughter and delight of the audience. Tsui lost to Kyana Exceus ‘14 but says that he is not bitter over the loss.
“Kyana, I think, is a strong and very capable leader,” he said. “I wish her the best of luck.”
Exceus ’14 says she looks forward to her term as senior president. “Iknow a lot of work and stress lies ahead,” she said, “ but I hope to satisfy everyone of the 2014 senior class, in any possible way.”
Exceus ’14, the new senior president, and John Bernagene ’14, the new senior vice president, hope to make next year noteworthy for the school.
“I’d like to change senior trip because a lot of people don’t like the current one,” said Exceus ’14. “I would also like to change some of the senior days, and just to satisfy everyone in some way or another.”
Candidates used social media, posters, and sweet treats to attract voters and to spread their message. On Facebook, numerous pages popped up practically overnight to lend support to certain candidates. Many students became used to the sight of posters dotting the hallways with candidates’ faces pictured on them.
“I feel that I worked very hard and was creative with campaigning,” said Shafiq. “I received numerous compliments on my posters.”
With the campaigning and elections finally over, the new government faces a busy year of working to fulfill their campaign promises.
“I’m already working on installing ID scanners in the annex,” said Shafiq. “Another project, suggested by Jeffrey Tsui, is a petition to drop the lowest exam grade in the mathematics department.”
Michel wants to work to better the sports teams of the school. She received a loud round of applause when she asked, “Why should players have to pay $2.50 to go to a game for our school?” during the speeches.
“I just hope that we all come closer as a community in Midwood and that we have more spirit,” said Michel ’14.

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