Wrestling Team Pins Opponents

By Daniel Gorelik’14 and Benny Cheng’14
Midwood Wrestling continues to practice for their season despite the recent hurricane interrupting practice. With missing practice time, a shortened pre-season, and coordinating with PSAL rules, the team is on schedule for their first match on December 4 against New Utrecht.
The team got a handful of new wrestlers at the beginning of the season. Practice is critical for the newcomers and returning players. This was an issue in the first week of November when Hurricane Sandy arrived in the city and closed all public schools. The wrestling pre-season starts November 1, but due to the hurricane, the team lost five days of practice. This wouldn’t be a problem, but P.S.A.L requires winter season teams to have a minimum of 15 practices before their first match.
The week after created even more issues with team members who live in the hard hit areas and were unable to attend practices. Some who were able to attend practice didn’t have all their equipment. Other schools had to postpone matches due to the insufficient number of practices.
“The storm affected everything, but we were scared we wouldn’t be able to have our first match,” said Coach George Hero. “Once we looked over everything, we made it with 16 practices.”
The hurricane affected the season, but there will be other changes as well. Last year, PSAL instated a rule that all matches will be college-style matches. This didn’t work out too well with schools, coaches, and students. Thankfully, they overturned this rule for the upcoming season.
“They did what they had to do,” said Hero. “It wasn’t a good idea to begin with. Kids were getting home late, schools had to be opened late, and with the DOE cutting budgets, no school could afford to keep up.”
With the rule changed, Midwood can focus on the season. On December 4, Midwood lost against New Utrecht in the season opener. New Utrecht came back in the middle to surprise everyone. Midwood didn’t seem to be on their game the entire match.
“This was a real wakeup call,” said Hero after the match.
Midwood was able to redeem themselves the next day with a 54-12 win over Mott Haven. They followed up with another victory against Abraham Lincoln High School.
“The guys were ready to put the loss against New Utrecht behind them, and I’m pleased with this win “said Hero.
The team dominated Riverdale/Kingsbridge Academy in a 54-25 victory.
The team is looking towards tough matchups against long time rivals Madison on January 3 and Sheepshead on January 9.

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