Boys BBall Takes Trophy

By Nermeen Kassem ‘14 and Zanaira Shafi ‘14
Slam dunk! The Hornets buzzed across the basketball court as they went home with the Basketball tournament trophy after stinging their competitors.
“We definitely have athletes, and we definitely have talent,” said Victor Gjecaj, the boys Varsity Basketball coach.
The Hornets won in a close game, 57-51, against the Virginia Cardinals on November 27, 2012, and continued their success by beating Newton, 59-50. In the game against Tilden, the Hornets started off shaky in the beginning. Tilden has many promising athletes who are quick on the court. However, the Hornets made a quick comeback. Khalil Foreman’14 and Delen Ramovic’14 made foul shots, which helped boost up the score. This was a game where all the players on the team got playing time and beat Tilden with an incredible score of 90-51.
Usually practice starts in the beginning of October but the team was limited to practice because of Hurricane Sandy. Regardless of the limited time, they pulled it together and did well in the games.
The players on the team were awarded titles after the basketball tournament and were given trophies for being considered “the most valuable player on the team,” or being known as “the best player on the team.”
They are chosen based on their talents and how well they can play. One plays in games and tournaments depending on who has the most talent and more importantly who works the hardest.
“The only thing I ask for is for us to play smart, and play hard.” said Mr. Gjecaj.“I never get nervous because kids with the most talent usually play and work hard.”
As a dean, boy’s varsity basketball coach and the boy’s tennis varsity coach, things get hectic for him at times.
The team feels as though the season is looking good right now, but two big competitors of Midwood concerning basketball are Bedford Academy and South Bronx. The Hornets feel as though they will shine bright this year considering the that they definitely have strong athletes and talent.
On the court, the Hornets defiantly sting, as their unique plays and quick skills come into effect. The team has a good group of athletes, who are not only quick on the court but have phenomenal communication skills as they are able to work together as a team during a game.

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