Cheerleading Squad Searches for New Members

By Yumna Ahmed Qazi ‘17 and Kaelah Blanchette ‘17 T-R-Y-O-U-T-S! Cheer on with the cheerleading squad, who are looking for girls who are interested in joining so they can boost morale and school spirit during games. With football season at its peak and varsity basketball season on its way in December, the cheerleading squad wants to find students who are willing to put their all … Continue reading Cheerleading Squad Searches for New Members

Lack of Field Leaves Hornets Without Nest

By Salma Ali ‘17 One major inconvenience that student athletes are facing this year is the lack of a home field. These athletes are unable to practice or play games at the field due to reconstruction. Senior athletes are especially frustrated due to not being able to perform their practiced ability during their last year of high school. “Senior year was the year we looked … Continue reading Lack of Field Leaves Hornets Without Nest


Free SAT Available Next Year

By Victor Shahov ’17 and Alison Wang ’17 This year’s seniors will be the last students to pay for the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT). The SAT and PSAT tests will be undergoing a major change, effective for all graduating classes after 2017. In all the years before, sophomores and juniors took the Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (PSAT/NMSQT) in October. However, in April, every … Continue reading Free SAT Available Next Year

Your Guide to the College Application Process

By Carmen Zheng ’17 The college application can sometimes be stressful and time-consuming without some tips and strategies. Here are some guidelines to help all seniors to successfully complete their college applications on time. Naviance All seniors should have created their Naviance account which is a college career and readiness platform offered to students by the college office. It’s a handy tool for seniors to … Continue reading Your Guide to the College Application Process


Senior Seminar Starts on a Good Note

By Gabriella Shery ‘17 and Jessica Charles ‘17 While most seniors are taking notes in a traditional classroom setting, others volunteered to not only do the same, but also add senior seminar to their schedule. Senior seminar is a class that students take during their last year, when they want to replace a class in their schedule or when it’s too short. Ms. Sakaina Simon, … Continue reading Senior Seminar Starts on a Good Note


Alumnus Catches Up with Hornets

By Tarah Raphael ‘17 Driven by passion for art, Mrs. Libby Lubinger is a former Midwood student who graduated in the class of 1950. Lubinger attended Midwood High School as a sophomore in 1948; seven years after Midwood was first opened. She pursued the art throughout her high school career. After graduating from High school, Lubinger attended Brooklyn College. While in college, she modeled and … Continue reading Alumnus Catches Up with Hornets

Lack of Lunch Forms Leads to Lower Finances

By Stephanie Tam ‘17 Raising awareness about the importance of lunch forms, Mr. Alan Stack has sent an email to the students and parents about the benefits of completing a lunch form. Lunch forms are important because they show the economic need of the school and how much the school should receive to create a better learning environment. This is part of Title 1 funding, … Continue reading Lack of Lunch Forms Leads to Lower Finances

Staff Shortage Cancel Peer Mediation

By Chelsea Kingston ‘17 Peer mediation is no longer a program provided by our school due to lack of staff in the Foreign Language Department. According to the Commission on Human Rights website, peer mediation helps students develop communication skills, solve problems, and work with teachers to resolve conflict among their classmates. Student peer mediators learn to ask questions and listen without taking sides in … Continue reading Staff Shortage Cancel Peer Mediation


Mr. Peterson Gets Promoted

By Abeer Naeem ’17 Born to work with computers, Mr. Albert Peterson was named the new Assistant Principal of Programming this starting school year. Computer savvy at heart Mr. Peterson was honored to have been given such a tremendous opportunity and accepted this new position in a heartbeat. “I am excited and terrified at the same time for this great opportunity to grow and learn … Continue reading Mr. Peterson Gets Promoted


Debate Team Starts Season with Bang

By Lizaveta Slinko ’17 The debate team kicked off another competitive season on October 8, ranking first in overall sweepstakes points and amassing several top team and top speaker awards. The prompt which was put up for deliberation was “In United State K-12 schools, the probable cause standard ought to apply to searches of students.” Kai Brady ’18 said, “I prepared for the topic by … Continue reading Debate Team Starts Season with Bang