Volleyball Player Honored for Excellence

By Olga Savuk ‘17  Bryanna Fisher ’16 caught the commissioners’ and sport’s coordinators’ eyes with her outstanding accomplishments and dedication for volleyball. Out of all of New York City, one of our own received the honorable PSAL Wingate Award. According to PSAL. org, the award is handed out to New York City public high school student athletes for their recognition of success in a particular … Continue reading Volleyball Player Honored for Excellence


Social Science Researchers Reflect on Year

By Leonel Rojas ’17 and Andy Celdo ’17 Juniors and seniors involved in the Intel program conversed with teachers and fellow students in the Intel Luncheon Intel, also known as the Social Science Research Program, is an elective in which students conduct research projects centered on sociology, the study of social behavior and society in general. Throughout the course, students have worked on assignments that … Continue reading Social Science Researchers Reflect on Year


Captain America: Civil War Impresses

By Yumna Ahmed ’17  Opinions clash in a full blown battle between the Avengers in Captain America: Civil War. Released on May 6, Captain America: Civil War focuses on a disagreement between Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) that leads to the Avengers taking sides and fighting amongst themselves. After the events in Avengers: Age of Ultron, people begin to realize … Continue reading Captain America: Civil War Impresses

WISE Finishes off With Presentations

By Zachary ChanMin  WISE is a program that sets our school apart from many others. It is available exclusively to seniors and satisfies both English and history requirements needed to graduate high school. WISE is an acronym for Wise Individualized Student Experience. This program provides students an opportunity to explore their interests by allowing them to choose their own topic of research. The class meets … Continue reading WISE Finishes off With Presentations


Mr. White to Retire After Colorful Career

By Victor Shahov ’17 and Jillian Geist ’17  The hive will be saying a final farewell to one of its veteran Hornets. Mr. John White, a social studies teacher, will be retiring after 18 years of dedication to the school. Mr. White has covered the majority of the social studies classes over his career at Midwood. He has taught Global History, American History, Advanced Placement … Continue reading Mr. White to Retire After Colorful Career


AP Teacher Retires After 31 Years

By Briana Casimir ’17  June of 2016 marks the last year that Mr. Bret Cohen will spend here in the Hornet community. After 28 years of teaching in the school, Mr. Cohen has ultimately decided to retire. 1988 marks the year that Mr. Cohen was permanently settled into the school. Given that this was almost three decades ago, Mr. Cohen jokingly refers to himself as … Continue reading AP Teacher Retires After 31 Years

Alumni Give Advice to Current Seniors

By Ting Ren ’17 Eager to go off to college, students are excited to explore what college life is about. However, seeking advice is worth considering as it may be helpful to students in the long run. While some students may already have a clear vision of what college they are going to, not all students know what to expect in college or know where … Continue reading Alumni Give Advice to Current Seniors

Personal Statements Encourage Individuality

By Jeffrey Cheuk ’17 Along with transcripts, recommendations, and resumes, students might need to give a personal statement to apply for a college. Ms. Marisa Koeppel, a college guidance counselor, said, “Personal statements are essays that are written by students. They tell colleges who they [students] are.” Personal statements can be used for a variety of things; they can help get scholarships or even highlight … Continue reading Personal Statements Encourage Individuality


Artists Decorate Local Neighborhood

By Alasia Miller ‘17 In the interest of full disclosure, Alasia Miller is participating in the creation of the mural The wait for art that revitalizes and captures the diversity of Flatbush is over. The Groundswell Community Project will be collaborating with Midwood High School in order to bring a mural to fruition. Through seven faces, the mural will express the multicultural history of the … Continue reading Artists Decorate Local Neighborhood